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Marketing Skills

Marketing Fundamentals


Marketing Fundamentals and Planning
  • Learning Objectives
  • What marketing is and why it is important for your business
  • The basic principles of marketing and how they apply to your pharmacy
  • How to create a marketing strategy for your pharmacy
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Marketing your pharmacy in-store
  • Learning Objectives
  • Understanding who your customers are, and what their needs are
  • Knowing the types of activity that you can undertake for in-store marketing
  • Seeing how in-store marketing can be put into practice through merchandising, signage, staff training and customer communication
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Marketing your pharmacy externally
  • Learning Objectives
  • To understand what the four components of external marketing are
  • To know the pros and cons of the media you can use
  • To consider how to get the right message to your target audience
  • To understand the importance of measuring the results of your marketing
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