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Sexual Health

Understanding Sexual Health
  • Learning Objectives
  • Understand what we mean by sexual health and the importance of sexual satisfaction
  • Learn the different symptoms, tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections
  • Understand how pregnancy tests work and what advice to give customers
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Managing Sexual Health
  • Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to give advice on the prevention of sexual ill-health
  • Understand the different contraceptive options available and for whom they may be suitable
  • Understand how pharmacies can provide further services as part of a local sexual health strategy through STI screening and patient group directions (PGDs)
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Advising Patients on Sexual Health
  • Learning Objectives
  • Understanding pharmacy’s role in sexual health
  • Understand the unique challenges involved in talking about sexual health
  • Learn the importance of working closely with other agencies delivering sexual health and how to signpost effectively
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