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Skin disorders

Understanding dry skin and eczema
  • Learning Objectives
  • To understand the burden of eczema and dry skin
  • To be aware of eczema causes and triggers
  • To recognise the significant impact of eczema on patients’ quality of life
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Managing dry skin and eczema
  • Learning Objectives
  • To be aware of the guideline recommendations for managing irritant and atopic eczema and psoriasis
  • To recognise the role of emollients in managing eczema and psoriasis
  • To understand the benefits of lanolin in dry skin management
  • To be aware of data that show the benefits of improved emollient use and parental understanding in childhood eczema management
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Helping patients with dry skin conditions
  • Learning Objectives
  • To learn why it is important to advise patients to optimise emollient use
  • To recommend optimum quantities of emollient and how to apply
  • To advise on an appropriate complete emollient routine
  • To use other treatments appropriately
  • To know when to refer to the doctor
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