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It’s essential that your pharmacy team can advise on foot health.

It may surprise you to learn that, in the UK, around nine out of ten customers reported having a number of foot conditions in 2006.1

The good news is that a pharmacy is one of their most trusted sources of footcare advice on the high street.1 We want to help your team become expert advisors in this important sector, demonstrating the value of a pharmacy visit to customers.

  1. RB Data on File. Scholl foot conditions research. 2006 (n=1071).

Module Summaries

Module Summaries

Click the download link buttons below to get the Foot Health and Foot Conditions module summaries and get an overview of what your team has learned.

Download Foot Conditions module summary
Download Foot Health module summary

Team Training Exercises

Team Training Exercises

We’ve created some simple exercises to reinforce your team’s learning once they have completed their training modules. The exercises are designed to help your team put their knowledge into practice in an everyday pharmacy environment.

Download Foot Conditions training
Download Foot Health training

Useful CPD links and Resources

If you’d like to expand or refresh your own clinical understanding of Footcare, here are some good Continuing Professional Development links and additional resources to help you keep up-to-date with the latest evidence and practice. 

Pharmacy and footcare

Management guidance

Efficacy data